The Department of Architecture at AIUB offers a five-year program of study leading to the degree of Bachelor of Architecture. The core of the program is the sequence of architecture studio courses in which students produce design solutions of increasing complexity and scope. Studio projects include both abstract and realistic problem-solving experiences, and involvement with current theoretical issues related to architectural and environmental design.


Ours is a unique 176 credit-hour UGC approved curriculum, focused on preparing students for global professional practice, while integrating theory, research, and technology for a comprehensive understanding of architecture as a practice and research field.


The School of Architecture is an active learning community where teachers and students work together to provide an educational environment that promotes individual responsibility, academic excellence, and an appreciation of intellectual, ethical and aesthetic values. Students inquire on their own and collaboratively to prepare them for life-long learning.


The architecture program fosters invention, creativity, and craft through hands on exploration that is the underpinning of technology. Also, the knowledge of cultural diversity, communication, history, criticism is inseparable from the application of technology. This process is the “making of architecture.”


The curriculum emerges from the School’s mission and is carefully crafted and clearly articulated making strong connections among course goals, methods of instruction, and student learning outcomes. Problem solving and critical thinking is emphasized focusing on the application of theoretical knowledge to the investigation and resolution of challenges at the human- environment interface. This is accomplished in an active, hands-on, learning environment grounded in a curriculum focused on community design and environmental sustainability. Competition is deemphasized in favor of collaboration and each individual’s success is celebrated as an achievement of the community.