Students from Sculpture, Graphic Art and Photography studio arranged an astonishing exhibition with their projects, on 31st July, 2019 .The event was conducted by the Faculties of Scultpture Studio Hamiduzzaman, Ashik Ikbal , Nazifa Zabeen ,Nushrat E Huq  along with Graphic Art studio instructors Arefeen Ibrahim,  Ashik Vaskor Mannan , Tarek Morad and Photography studio instructors Ashik Vaskor Mannan,Tabassum Zarin Tithi, Saiful Hasan Tariq, Rashed Hasan. The event took place in the Multipurpose hall of Annex 7 building.

The journey of the exhibition began with displaying the photographs captured by the students from “Photography studio” and then the audience got introduced with the world of three dimensional forms in different theme from the works of “Sculpture Studio”. Furthermore, the project works of the “Graphic Art Studio” added an alluring ambiance to the event by showcasing different product design influenced with various concepts.

In the exhibition, students from the “Graphic Art Studio” have displayed several remarkable projects including Book Cover Design, Word Art and Wall Clock. The book cover design was based on the theme of ‘Rain’ to celebrate the monsoon season. Word art project was an interesting thought-provoking exercise, where the students were given carefully selective words and they were instructed to design a three dimensional representation of the chosen specific term. Moreover, wall clock project was intended to create three dimensional visual artistic interpretations of the design principles of famous architects.

On the other hand, the key intention of the “Photography studio” was to show the value of the society and culture of our own context through capturing different Architectural form, Landscape, special cultural activity, portrait and more. Besides, the visitors got overwhelmed by seeing the artistic expression done in shade and shadow photography. In addition, the photo stories of the cricket playing in our local context, having iftar on the street showed another greatest impression of our cultural value.

The event got more energetic by displaying the sculptures from the “Sculpture studio”, showing not only the beauty of the Three-dimensional art but also exploring the exquisiteness of using various Materials, which were also appreciated by the visitors. The three dimensional white plaster of Paris exposed the greatest ability of the student’s creativity in abstract art and crafting. Then again, the sculptures made with wire, clay and found material in different forms were ruling the ground of the exhibition.

At the end of the event, M. Arefeen Ibrahim, Head, Department of Architecture delivered his appreciative speech. The joyful presence of faculties and students from the Department of Architecture made the event more successful and inspiring one. And the event was only possible because of the spontaneous hard work of students and respective teachers, along with the support provided by AIUB administration.