Students of Design Studio II (Fall 2019-20) from Architecture Department have won the First prize in Innovative City Branding Installation for the event of ARCASIA FORUM 20, DHAKA 19 held in November 2019. The execution of the installation was coordinated by the studio instructors Tabassum Zarin Tithi and Fauzia Rahman Mouri. The announcement and prize giving ceremony was arranged by Institute of Architects Bangladesh (IAB) on March 7, 2020. The second prize was won jointly by NSU & BUET, while the third prize went to Stamford University.

To celebrate the 50 years of ARCASIA (Architects Regional Council Asia) in Dhaka, IAB organized a city branding installation venture at 10 significant points around Dhaka city. The task was divided into 10 IAB accredited Architecture Schools at different spots of the metropolitan.

The main theme of the ARCASIA FORUM 20, DHAKA 19 was “Architecture in a Changing Landscape”. where Bangladesh revealed its chronological changes of Architecture and the native’s lifestyle through changing pattern of its terrain in many occasions. Thus, the installation required to express the simplicity where it expresses the beauty, purity and clarity of the mass society from Bangladesh. The whole melody was expressed in an abstract form, from the landscape of Bangladesh modular lines of the divisions were taken, which made a pattern of grid lines. To symbolize the unity, the pure form cube was taken as the piece of the 3D element and the concept was to express the dialogue of the constant altering form of lands and human lifestyles, the number of cubes can be organized at any position related to any places. Furthermore, the single piece of colorful diagonal surface in each cube was developed to express the variable vibrant pixelate abstract formation of our land as well as our way of life. Hence, the whole arrangement was created in three-dimensional undulating form on the site, it creates such abstract spaces, where people could go into the spaces, sit or even stand beside it, on the other hand feel the whole space in new formation.

The immense support of the Head of the Department Arefeen Ibrahim as well as the committee members from the Branding Committee of IAB made this installation work successful and the event was only possible because of the spontaneous hard work of students and respective teachers, along with the support provided by AIUB administration.