Students of Architecture Department organizes the Fresher’s Reception every year, a tradition which has been maintained since the department commenced. The students of the second year welcome the new members to the department in a unique manner through dance, music and drama.

Similarly, this year on Thursday, November 21, 2019, the second-year students (Studio III and Studio IV) organized the reception in the Multipurpose Hall of the university. The students believe this helps them to flaunt their extra-curricular activities, releases their stress with fun-filled short rehearsals and organization. This makes them better organizers and managers within a week, as they learn to divide their task and work as a team to make the event happen keeping a healthy balance between work and studies.

The reception was inaugurated by the Head of the Department, M. Arefeen Ibrahim and attended by the respective faculties, current students and the alumni of the department. Welcomed by a beautiful recitation and dance on Rabindranath Tagore’s “Adhek Ghume Noyon Chume”, then came the much-awaited comedy drama focusing on the university life, keeping the audience laughing with hysterical dialogues. The students later performed various music, followed by groups dances and a beautiful song “Ongon” written about the five years of the architectural program and performed by the senior students. The reception ended with Tuning Fork, a band formed within the department dedicating a song to Abdullah Al Zahid Alvee, a student of the department who we have lost this year.

An exchange of gifts and flowers between the senior students and freshers made it a successful event for the both the students and faculty members. The reception was coordinated by their teacher, Ms. Chowdhury Farah Zaki, a lecturer of Department of Architecture.