Competition is one of the ways to offer a platform for enthusiastic students to express their creative potential and thus help to promote and contribute to institutional identity. American International University-Bangladesh always tries to promote the students with creative minds in their respective fields.

On 5 April 2018, students of Architecture department organized an Intra-Department Design Competition “PROBHABOK”, where the topic for the design was introduced instantly to the participants. Teams of three were formed to register, and a total of 22 teams registered for the competition under category A (Junior) and B (Senior). The competition helped the students to connect to each other and share their ideas on a common platform.

In the prize giving ceremony of student design competition “PROBHABOK”, Honorable Vice Chancellor of AIUB, Dr. Carmen Z Lamagna was present to inspire the students and distributed the prizes among the winners in the presence of Department Head, M Arefeen Ibrahim and faculty members of Architecture Department.  

The topic introduced was “Silence”. Students were told to express what they feel through their designs, sketches, and models within a time limit of 3 hours and interesting ideas have emerged from the competition. The materials for the competition were provided by the organizers. The initiative was taken by the students and was only possible because of the spontaneous hard work of the students and respective teachers along with the support provided by the administration.