As a part of collaboration between American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) and Habitat for Humanity International Bangladesh under the research project titled “Urban Innovation: Adaptive Solutions in Climate Resilient Dwelling for Slum Dwellers”, a workshop was conducted by the Department of Architecture on 17th December, 2018, with the slum dwellers as participants. The workshop was conducted by M. Arefeen Ibrahim (Head, Department of Architecture), Ashik Vaskor Mannan (Associate Professor), Ajmeri Nusrat Shoma (Senior Assistant Professor) and Saiful Hasan Tariq (Assistant Professor). Representatives from Habitat for Humanity International Bangladesh too participated in the workshop. Main objective of the workshop was to create awareness among the slum dwellers about the climate change and its impact on their daily life and livelihood.

The workshop was divided into two sessions. First session was conducted by the presentation titled ‘SETTLEMENT FOR LOW-INCOME PEOPLE: IMPACT OF CLIMATE CHANGE’, which elaborated the reasons behind the climate chance and its impact on the sum dwellers. The second session was the questionnaire session, where all the participants responded on multiples questions, to help assess their existing living condition, problems faced due to climate change and tentative solutions for betterment.

The workshop is expected to play a vital role in raising awareness among the participants on the issues of climate change relevant to their living conditions and also in discovering ways to minimize the adverse effects. Cooperation and assistance from HFHIB and AIUB administration as well made this event a success.