Architecture Research Committee -AIUB (ARCA)

ARCA is an academic research group which is formed to conduct academic research, promote and support conferences and academic publications. This committee will also work for to open a platform if different design fields and also initiate research interests in various aspects and practices. The Committee will also serve as a liaison between our departments colleagues to engage in group research and applications. The tentative Functions of ARCA is to formulate an expertise group depending on their own research interest and experience in different research fields (ex. Environment and Design, History and Conservation, Digital Architectural Practice, Urban Design etc.) and also to coordinate research activities and progress. This Committee shall meet once per Month or any suitable date for an open discussion with other faculty members. To develop research initiatives ARCA will also look for some funded research project taken by other Organization or Govt. or Institute through AIUB. To evaluate the performance this Research Committee shall meet at least once a year to review its own performance and shall report the Department Head with the outcome and overall progress.

At this moment the working Research labs are-

Lab 01: Architectural History, Theory and Culture

Lab 02: Environment and Technology

Lab 03: Design Fabrication, Representation and Computing  

Lab 04: Urbanism and Human Settlement

Lab 05: Biomimical Design and Research

This ARCA is purely an academic platform for the researchers and designers.

Current Members of ARCA are:

1.Ashik Vaskor Mannan ( Associate Professor)

2.Abu Taib Mohammed  Shahjahan ( Assistant Professor)

3.Hasan Ahmed Chowdury( Assistant Professor)

4.Farzana Siddiqua ( Assistant Professor)

5.Tabassum Zarin Tithi ( Assistant Professor)